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The Mary Pauline Salon Group came into being in 2004, when its owner, Mary Pauline S. Danga, acquired several salons and established her own salon brand. Mary Pauline Salon Group thus burst into the world of hair and beauty care. Throughout 2005, the Mary Pauline Salon Group continued to shape up its formidable roster of stylists and staff and expanded its services to incorporate the latest trends in the market. Parallel to this development was an expansion plan to penetrate the Shoe Mart (SM) chain of shopping malls.

Currently, the Mary Pauline Salon Group has more than 20 branches nationwide. The key to success of the Mary Pauline Salon Group is our relationships with our clients. Our system has made us successful, and in order for you to replicate this success, you will need to operate within the guidelines. You will be provided with a detailed operations manual and on- going training.

Mary Pauline Salon Group recognized the need and developed a proven system that disciplines and controls the business. The RESULT? A highly successful and growing chain of beauty salons in the Philippines.

At Mary Pauline Salon Group the standards of products, services and overall environment are high and rigidly maintained. In order to maintain this standard, every creative team member must pass a rigid company training program before beginning his/ her employment. Each Salon must adhere to our high standards of maintenance and appearance both inside and outside. Our personnel are required to wear uniforms at all times to enhance the professional atmosphere of the entire Mary Pauline Salon operations. This proven system of standardized operation at every Mary Pauline Salon attracts a volume of business. Customer satisfaction is foremost of our objectives because this contributes substantially to the success of each salon.

With a proven track record of success, Mary Pauline Salon Group is definitely poised to lead the way for people who have the desire to become part of the growing industry. It is an industry thriving with opportunity where people can write their own success stories.

To this end, we offer constant support in all aspects of the business.

With the Mary Pauline Salon Group, you will always have a dedicated team to support you!